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The Africa Carbon Credit Exchange (ACCE) is a leading African owned and managed marketplace uniquely designed to enable Africa’s participation in the global carbon markets. We provide innovative services and solutions to unravel the complexities of carbon markets and addressing the prevailing barriers to their success in Africa.

ACCE is unlocking low-carbon Africa by creating a reliable, structured and transparent trading platform for buying and selling compliance and voluntary carbon credits created in Africa – and in doing so, driving environmentally sustainable economic growth on the continent.

In order to ensure a liquid supply of credits for the Exchange, we recognize the need to address current constraints to carbon project development. ACCE provides a one-stop shop for African offset projects to access the linkages, knowledge and technical expertise to bring clarity to the complex carbon markets and facilitate the project financing necessary to make low-carbon Africa a reality.

On our website you’ll find more information about carbon markets, carbon project development and the services ACCE offers.

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News & Links

MOU Signed between ACCE and Afreximbank in Cairo, Egypt

We are proud to announce, that the signing ceremony for the partnership MoU between ACCE and Afrexim Bank which took place on 30th Nov 2010 in Cairo was a great success. The MoU was signed by Chairman: ACCE and President: Afrexim Bank  and witnessed by Zambian Ambassador to Egypt & Deputy, representation from ZIPAR and many African and Global Financial Institutions.


ACCE Chairman Professor Lloyd Chingambo attended a conference on Policies, Practices and Financing for Food Security, Climate Adaptation and Mitigation in Agriculture in Oslo, Norway

The Policies, Practices and Financing for Food Security, Climate Adaptation and Mitigation in Agriculture conference was hosted by Norad between the 22-23rd November, 2010 in Oslo, Norway. 


ACCE CEO Sabera Khan presented at the ZIPAR National Economic Development Conference in Lusaka, Zambia

Our CEO presented on Developing the African Carbon Markets and Building Zambia's Green Economy

at the ZIPAR National Economic Development Conference in Lusaka, Zambia on 25 November, 2010.


ACCE Chairman Professor Lloyd Chingambo invited to speak at an International Seminar on Structured Trade Finance in Cairo, Egypt.

Afreximbank has invited Prof. Chingambo to be a presenter at this Seminar, which will run from the 29th November - 2nd December, 2010 at the J.W. Marriot Hotel, Heliopolis, Cairo. If you would like to meet with Prof. Chingambo during this time please email us on info@africacce.com


SADC DNA Workshop

Visit our SADC DNA Website for more details.


GKI Blog

Visit our Blog for all the latest news on our activities and programmes.

Prof. Lloyd Chingambo was one of the panelists for the Private Sector Response to Climate Change at the 7th African Development Forum in Addis Ababa

Please visit the website at : http://www.uneca.org/adfvii/index.asp, Prof. Chingambo was a panelist at the plenary session 5 which was held in October, 2010.


The Green Knowledge Institute (GKI) website has now been launched

To visit the GKI website please go to www.thegki.org


ACCE Chairman Professor Lloyd Chingambo spoke at The African Green Revolution 

Forum (AGRF)in Accra.

This forum focuses on promoting investments and policy support for driving agricultural productivity and income growth for African farmers in an environmentally sustainable way. 


African Expertise/Resource on Call
If you would like to register with ACCE to offer technical advice or support in topics related to climate change, CDM projects, clean technology, compliance and voluntary carbon markets, project financing and project development as well as if you are interested in low carbon investment, please email us at info@africacce.com.




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