About Us


To promote sustainable development on the African continent by unlocking access to the economic and environmental benefits of carbon markets and low-carbon financing.


With the creation of global market mechanisms to enable cost-effective greenhouse gas emissions reductions, a vibrant carbon offset market has blossomed. This system has created a multi-billion dollar financing stream for environmentally ‘clean’ economic activity in developing countries.


If Africa could tap into these markets, we could effectively finance ‘low-carbon’ economic growth – that is, the development of power, agriculture, transportation and industrial infrastructure that emits minimal greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide.


Although Africa has yet to harness the full stream of financing available within this market, there is significant demand for African-generated credits, and interest in generating supply is growing by the day. There has been a surge in demand for capital to finance low-carbon projects, as well as for credible, targeted information on climate change and carbon markets. 


ACCE is poised to drive this progress and capitalise on rapidly growing knowledge and financing needs.



ACCE is an African owned and managed marketplace designed to promote a low-carbon growth trajectory for Africa through unraveling the complexities of carbon markets and addressing the prevailing barriers to their development in Africa. Through our partner organisations Lloyds Financials and the Green Knowledge Institute (GKI), we provide a one-stop shop for emission reduction or sequestration projects to access the expertise, financing and partnerships required for implementation.


ACCE is building a trio of complementary products and services:

-The Trading Platform, which will bring together credible buyers and sellers of carbon credits in  

  a transparent and safe marketplace, generating revenue for project owners and for ACCE,


- The Low Carbon Africa Fund Portfolio, which invests in low-carbon projects, providing owners

   with start-to-finish support and a uniquely qualified advisory service, and fund investors  

   with 15-20% investment returns, and


- The Green Knowledge Institute, which offers knowledge-building and technical skill

   development to African decision-makers in the policy, business and natural resource  

   communities on issues surrounding climate change, carbon finance and low-carbon   


In recognition of the specific context surrounding investment in Africa, ACCE – unlike a ‘traditional’ exchange – will operate in its early stages as both market place and market maker. To create a pipeline of credible carbon projects, ACCE works at key nodes to enable a pathway from the creation of awareness among commercial players and policy makers, through project financing to project implementation and ultimately the issuance and trading of carbon credits.