Corporate Structure

Professor Lloyd John Chingambo, PhD - Chairman
Dr. Chingambo is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Lloyds Financials Limited, a private company registered and regulated by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) in Zambia which specialises in asset management, project finance, carbon finance, development of investment instruments and debt restructuring.


Professor Chingambo has had extensive experience in the Financial Sector in Zambia, and was the second General Manager and Chief Executive Officer of the Lusaka Stock Exchange. He has served on the Monetary Policy Committee of the Central Bank of Zambia; Board of Stanbic Bank Zambia Limited; Board of the Intermarket Banking Corporation; and boards of several other national and private institutions.  


In 2005, Dr. Chingambo was appointed by the Cabinet of Zambia to advise government on housing finance and to help develop the National Housing Bonds market to finance, Zambia’s backlog of over 2 million housing units. He is the current Chairman of the National Economic Advisory Council, a national strategic think tank which advises government on critical economic issues affecting the country.


In 2010 Professor Chingambo was named a Lead Author on Financing for Mitigation for the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) 5th Assessement Report.


Dr. Chingambo qualified with a PhD from the School of International Relations, University of Kent, specializing in Economic Competitiveness of the countries in the Southern African Economic Community (SADC). He has served as a Visiting Associate Research Professor at the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS), University of London.


Sabera Khan - Acting CEO
Ms. Khan has been involved in the carbon markets in Zambia since 2007. She headed the development of the Carbon Finance Unit at Lloyds Financials Ltd, and in 2008, with Dr. Lloyd Chingambo and various other partners, structured and created the Africa Carbon Credit Exchange (ACCE). With extensive experience at Lloyds Financials in structured and project finance and fund management, Ms. Khan is well-versed in the various financing problems associated with project implementation in Africa, and hence is able to guide the development of carbon products that serve and address the real needs of Africa.


A South African national, Ms. Khan has worked in Zambia since 2005, and has been invited to present on carbon finance issues at various conferences throughout the continent.


Ms. Khan was the head of the Institute for the Development of Science, Engineering and Technology (IDSET), a national programme and centre of excellence at Technikon SA in South Africa. This programme included capacity building, skills development, technology development and transfer, food security, organic agriculture and school outreach activities. She also ran an IT company, managing programmers from around the world who developed software, including specialised engineering software for companies such as AngloAmerican Corporation.


Ms. Khan was trained in South Africa, qualifying in Chemistry and Mathematics as well as a postgraduate degree with Honours in Chemistry from the University of the North West. In 2001, she qualified with Higher Diploma in Computer Science. Ms Khan is a registered broker, and has been licensed by the Securities and Exchange Commission in Zambia as a Dealer’s Representative. Under this license, she is able to provide investment advice to individuals, businesses or public sector entities.


John Fay - Technical Advisor
Mr. Fay serves as an international development consultant and researcher focusing on climate change mitigation and adaptation initiatives that increase international development effectiveness.  Through hands-on experience in China and across Africa, he has acquired an in-depth knowledge of emerging trends in the post-2012 climate regime negotiations, financial incentives, voluntary and compliance carbon markets, Reduced Emissions from Deforestation and Degradation (REDD) and adaptation measures required to address climate change.


Currently, Mr. Fay is pursuing a PhD at University of Cape Town Graduate School of Business, researching financial incentives for climate change adaptation and mitigation in Africa.  Previously, he held a number of positions in the private sector; including with Emerging Markets Group, CIGNA Healthcare, investment bank FBR and private equity firm Brooks, Houghton. Additionally, Mr. Fay serves as the co-founder and Board of Director Chair for The SEM Fund, an NGO providing low interest business financing aimed building resilience to climate change in Senegal. His qualifications include an MBA from Cornell University’s Johnson School and a BA from Duke University.


Samuel Bell - Technical Advisor
Mr. Bell leads the Conservation Agriculture carbon initiative at ACCE / GKI.  This initiative is a strategic effort to provide small-holder farmers in Zambia and the region higher yields, while kick-starting the supply of carbon credits and thereby additional revenues. Mr. Bell’s four years in development and sustainable agriculture in rural Zambia, alongside his research on, and engagement with, the climate negotiations have endowed him with a strong foundation of development experience and significant technical expertise in the science and policy of climate change mitigation and adaptation.


Mr. Bell is nearing completion of his PhD in Applied Economics and Management at Cornell University. His research examines climate mitigation and adaptation from both an applied microeconomics standpoint, identifying incentives for smallholder households to effectively engage in carbon markets and adopt adaptation strategies, and from a policy perspective, through examining AFOLU issues such as permanence and methodologies for measurement, reporting and verification of carbon offsets.  He holds a BSc in Economics (Natural Resource and Environmental Economics) and a BSc in Commerce (Finance) from the Australian National University.


Karin Sosis -  Programme Coordinator
Ms. Sosis leads business strategy and offset project development for ACCE and the GKI.  


After registering as a stock broker with the US Securities and Exchange Commission, Ms. Sosis spent six years in international business strategy, sales and marketing. In 2005 she became interested in environmental issues, in particular the potential for ‘win-win’ private sector initiatives to mitigate unsustainable pollution and natural resource exploitation while stimulating low-carbon economic development. Prior to joining ACCE she worked as a consultant for the UN and for a Liberian NGO, and as a researcher on international climate change policy surrounding REDD and agriculture, forestry and other land use (AFOLU) for the Overseas Development Institute in London and the Terrestrial Carbon Group in New York.  She holds an MSc with Distinction from the London School of Economics in Environment and Development and a BA from Duke University. 


Binita Pragji - Business Development Officer
Ms. Pragji is responsible for the development and design of the Green Knowledge Institute programmes. This involves development of outreach, customized and standard training programmes, targeting a varied group of clientele. Furthermore, her responsibilities include dealing with key aspects of the business, such as developing a network of brokers, operational functions of the trading platform, developing and maintaining partnerships with other organizations, and providing support to the African DNA Forum. Much of her time is dedicated to our public relations research and developing new programmes that address the needs of Africa in the areas of climate change, and enhance the business model of ACCE.


Ms. Pragji works closely with the office of the CEO and the Chairman of ACCE. Due to the nature of her portfolio, Binita provides the necessary administrative and business promotion support to the ACCE Ambassador-at-Large.


Ms. Pragji has worked as a Manager at Eastern Safaris-Ana Tree Lodge in Zambia. She was also involved in teaching chemistry related topics at The University of Cape Town. Ms. Pragji holds a BSc in Chemical Molecular & Cellular Sciences and a BSc Honours in Chemistry from the University of Cape Town, South Africa.



Board of Directors


Lloyd Chingambo, PhD
Dr. Chingambo has had extensive experience in the financial sector. He was the second CEO of the Lusaka Stock Exchange and is currently CEO of Lloyds Financials Ltd. He is also the current Chairman of the National Economic Advisory Council (NEAC), and sits on boards of several public and private companies. Dr. Chingambo is a Zambian national, and holds the position of Board Chair at ACCE.


Warren Burns, PhD
Dr. Burns is the Treasurer of the CDM Association of SA, and created the Carbon Desk at Nedbank in South Africa. Dr. Burns is a British national.


Sabera Khan, BSc (Hons)
Ms. Khan has been heading the Carbon Finance Unit at Lloyds Financials. She has an exceptional knowledge base of CDM. Ms. Khan is currently Acting Chief Executive Officer of ACCE. She is a South African national.

Francis Yamba, PhD
Professor Yamba is Director of the Centre for Energy, Environment and Engineering of Zambia (CEEEZ), with 15 years’ experience in the CDM and carbon market. He is a member of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). He is also the Chancellor of the Open University in Zambia. Professor Yamba is a Zambian national.


Inonge Mbikusita Lewanika, PhD
Dr. Lewanika is Zambia’s Ambassador to the United States of America. She sits on various Zambian and international organizations’ Boards. She was voted the 12th most influential ambassador in the US in 2008. Dr. Lewanika is a Zambian national.