ACCE is building a trading platform to transparently buy and sell credible compliance and voluntary carbon credits generated in Africa. The trading platform will provide the medium for transaction, and supporting structures in the form of brokers and local partners throughout Africa. While ACCE believes in the potential to encourage a low carbon Africa through carbon markets, we understand the need to build greater supply for today’s market by exchanging services that address current constraints in Africa. Therefore, ACCE is working to build supply by providing a one-stop shop to take legitimate low carbon projects from conception to reality. This will include all aspects of financial engineering of a project, including the inclusion of carbon finance where appropriate. Services the exchange offers will include:



Trusted broker services matchmaking buyers and sellers in the African carbon market.

- Investor protection for Buyers and Sellers of OTC
- Price discovery and fairness in transactions
- Facilitating forward contracts to help generate seed capital to implement projects
- Hedging strategies against price risk.



Developing rules and regulations for the market

- Undertaking due diligence of buyers and sellers
- Network of brokers
- Providing price discovery to optimise sale price
- Mitigate counter party risk through clearing
- Ensure issuance of credits upon party defaults
- Building liquidity for carbon commodities in Africa.



- Structured Project Finance for Low Carbon initiatives
- Funds Management and PPP Structuring
- Project Feasibility Analysis focused on Overall Project Finance and Applicability to Garne

- Carbon Finance
- Provide technical assistance in the development of Methodologies, PINs, PDDs, and obtaining approvals for project in the African Context, including facilitating validation and verification process.