The Green Knowledge Institute (GKI) is a knowledge hub designed to facilitate the development of the African carbon market by building awareness, technical expertise and knowledge-sharing networks through targeted programmes designed for, and in conjunction with, government ministries, parastatals, NGOs, CBOs, private sector actors, and the media.


Services available from GKI include:


- Retooling skills and knowledge base through training programmes, workshops and short courses

  as well as written material including web features, tailor-made presentations, brochures, etc.

- Unlocking key bottlenecks preventing African carbon credit development through support for the

  development of African appropriate carbon methodologies and strategic capacity building of local   project validators and verifiers


- Awareness, sensitization and information-sharing activities for and between all sectors, including

  advisory services on mainstreaming climate change into policy and organizational planning

- Database to connect project owners and developers to the technical expertise necessary to

  develop carbon offset projects


- Information for and about African DNAs