Trading Platform
ACCE is creating a trading platform for the transparent and structured exchange of African-generated carbon credits and, eventually, other ‘green’ instruments. The Exchange will comprise an electronic trading space supported by state-of-the-art IT infrastructure; a coordinating center in Lusaka; and a network of brokers throughout the continent. For more information please click here.


Low Carbon Africa Fund Portfolio
To stimulate a supply of credits during the early stages of the Exchange, Lloyds Financials Limited (Lloyds), in partnership with ACCE, has created and manages the Low Carbon Africa Fund Portfolio. The portfolio has three objectives:

- To provide consistently high returns to its investors

- To provide underlying financing to jump start low-carbon projects with offset potential

- To structure strategic risk mitigation tools to facilitate investment in low-carbon projects.

The Portfolio consists of two funds: the Low Carbon Africa Fund I, which is dedicated to supporting ACCE's objectives, and the Green Technology Credit Enhancement Fund.  For more information please click here.


Green Knowledge Institute

The Green Knowledge Institute (GKI) is a knowledge hub designed to facilitate the development of the African carbon market. GKI is building awareness, technical expertise and knowledge-sharing networks through targeted programmes designed for, and in conjunction with, government ministries, parastatals, NGOs, CBOs, private sector actors, and the media. Among other knowledge building initiatives, GKI has been asked by the UNFCCC to establish an information-sharing hub for the African DNA Forum. For more information on training, knowledge management and sensitisation efforts please click here.